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October Challenge 19: Vampire AU

"I think we need to get you outside more," Alex said as he flipped through bottles. "I’m having a hard time finding the right shade of pale."

"Ha ha. Can you pick it up, please? I can’t go into the meeting like this." Oliver rubbed his neck for the millionth time. "I told you it was too high…"

"You weren’t saying anything like that," Alex said, calmly, as he switched more bottles out. "Here, let me try this."

Oliver offered over his neck as Alex rubbed the makeup on his neck. “That’ll be good enough, I guess.”

"Good enough? Are you sure? Because I can’t go up in that meeting and…"

"It’ll be perfectly alright. Go on, I’ll pay for this."

"Thanks," He said as he rushed off.

Alex smirked and grabbed a few more bottles. Now that he’d found the proper shade, he wasn’t about to hold back the next time.

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