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Jane: ☆ (Happy headcanon)

Headcanon: Being the World Marathon Major with the lowest prerequisite (IE: none), the Chicago Marathon is known to be more than a bit of a monster. Jane loves the inclusiveness way too much, though, to change it.


Cramming 45,000 people through narrow streets never became easier, especially when the sidewalks were jammed full of cheering onlookers. It meant the race never quite thinned out, and every one of the 23.2 miles were plagued with hesitations and blockages. When there was a refreshment station, things could (and sometimes did) grind to nearly a halt.

With the architectural mindset she used for everything, Jane was determined to find a solution so that this year would be the one everything would go smoothly. Maybe a tweak to the route, or a few more barriers or police to keep make sure the onlookers stayed that way.

"If you just put a time requirement, the scrubs would stop gumming everything up."

The Boston Marathon, with its exceedingly strict prerequisite, flowed through the twisting but wide streets like water. It left John more than a bit smug when any other marathon (particularly one of the other Majors) hit a snag.

Jane pushed him away from her mapping. “I’m not trying to be an elitist.”

"There’s a difference between being an elitist and not letting someone stroll the damned thing." John scoffed. "It’s so crowded because your cops are on a full shift just dealing with the contestants."

"If people want to stroll, they can stroll," Jane said, firmly. "More important they try than me creating a huge spectacle."

"Because a cap of 45,000 isn’t a spectacle."

"If you don’t want to come because of too many people 3 corrals back from you, I can just renege your entry."

John grumbled. “I guess it’d be rude to say no.”

"That’s the spirit."

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